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Smart manufacturing into the main direction of China

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Smart manufacturing into the main direction of China

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2017/08/23 10:22
"Made in China 2025" made the "four manufacturing". The first called intelligent manufacturing, the second called green manufacturing, the third called service manufacturing, the fourth is our meeting a theme, called high-quality manufacturing. Coupled with an industrial strong base, basically constitute the most important aspects of China's manufacturing.
Today I mainly speak smart manufacturing and industrial strong base.
We have been through the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing period, is entering the development period, the growth period
Smart manufacturing is the main direction of the Chinese manufacturing 2025, why should it as a main direction? Because a new generation of information technology and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, has aroused people's attention. This gives the Chinese manufacturing industry to catch up with the development of the forefront of the United States, Germany, Japan manufacturing industry provides an opportunity. If you seize the opportunity to a new generation of information technology and the development of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the urgent needs of the combination, it will greatly enhance the level of manufacturing in China.
First, the growth of information technology index level. Fifty years ago, Moore's Law was discovered, and the law was fantastic, and in the next half century it pushed the leap in the information industry as a whole. Not just the chip, there are computers, networks and other aspects.
Second, the popularity of digital network applications. Digitalization and networking make information acquisition, use, control and sharing become extremely fast and cheap, produce real big data, the speed of innovation greatly accelerated, it can be applied to various fields.
Third, a new generation of artificial intelligence technology has made a strategic breakthrough. In the eighties and nineties of last century, when I visited Japan, I learned that Japan was carrying out an international plan in the field of intelligent manufacturing. But when I went to the University of Tokyo to understand later that the artificial intelligence technology from the practical application is still far worse. But three years later today to see, artificial intelligence has made considerable development. Machine learning has led to the development of unmanned, efficient language recognition, accurate web search and human genetic organization awareness. Just as unmanned cars are now in the direction of a car factory that is struggling to develop. Particularly noteworthy is that a large number of information giants are put into this area, the industry's business distribution is changing.
Artificial intelligence is the most iconic in the Google AlphaGo, to 4: 1 victory over the world champion Li Shishi. AlphaGo is an expert system, it learned the 160,000 world chess champion game, two AlphaGo every day without stopping the battle, continuous learning, experience, so Li Shishi have the ability, it is impossible to learn more than 160,000 Well-known players chess AlphaGo, it is impossible to 24 hours do not eat do not sleep to find the drum quite opponents battle, the accumulation of relevant experience. This is an iconic event.
The current artificial intelligence has accelerated the commercialization process in five areas: voice recognition, image recognition, search optimization and digital marketing, intelligent driving, data services, especially with what we now call digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing, So many factories can provide intelligent products. We are now building intelligent factories, intelligent workshops, in fact, are not up to the standard of intelligence, because artificial intelligence technology is not really into it. If the digital network is the beginning of this revolution in science and technology and industrial transformation, a new generation of artificial intelligence technology breakthroughs and extensive application will become the climax of this change.
Fourth, the explosive growth of large data applications. With the development of sensor technology, the operation state of the equipment itself, the product status, the environment parameters, the user's use, the market demand change can be transmitted from all directions to the public database or the enterprise private database. Analysis, use, will have a huge impact on the manufacturing process. For example, now high-speed rail, a high-speed rail on nearly 1,000 sensors, but this is far from enough. For example, the day before yesterday in Changsha, an enterprise to conduct a study, the person in charge of the business, and now a mechanical plant about 50 robots, construction machinery running the situation, can be seen through the real-time sensor.
Five is the rise of integrated innovation. With the exponential growth of information technology and the extensive and in-depth application of digital network, especially digital, networked, intelligent technology and manufacturing technology integration, a new innovative approach to integrated innovation. The technology used by these companies is not the latest creation, but the combination of these technologies is revolutionary innovation. In this regard, Apple's products, Tesla electric cars are integrated innovation results.
The first is product innovation. The sensor technology and software into the product which, it may make the product performance and quality of qualitative changes. Similar examples can be cited, such as intelligent engineering machinery, intelligent toys, smart furniture, intelligent washing machines, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent refrigerators, smart rice cookers and so on. Of course, these products from now on, it can only be a primary stage of intelligence, with the further development of artificial intelligence technology, its intelligence will be further improved.
The second is manufacturing technological innovation. In the manufacturing process, from its design to manufacture, are making the entire production process greatly shortened. Why transport -20 only five years time, from the State Council executive meeting to discuss the project to the present success? Is the use of digital network means. Personalized production will become a trend.
The third is the growing use of e-commerce. The best thing to do is GE's aero engine, which has now been transformed from selling engines to selling services.
China's intelligent manufacturing in China made 2025 caused widespread concern, now both in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, in order to solve the rising labor costs, improve quality, deal with some environmental problems, recruitment problems and so on, the enterprise digital network manufacturing - also Is the "machine substitutions" is becoming a trend. Not only is the coastal area, we see the central region of the enterprise also a wide range of attention to this trend, which will have a very important impact on China's manufacturing industry.
We know that China has a lot of products pay attention to carved, these products in the small-scale production when the quality can guarantee, but a mass production, the quality of the problem, so the world that China is manufacturing in the low-end manufacturing. However, if the machine instead of the repeated labor, may make the product quality has been greatly improved.
The quality of the product depends on two factors: the first is the quality of key components. If the key parts are not high quality, we absolutely can not make high quality products. The second point is whether the workers are dedicated. Vice Minister of the Ministry of Machinery Shen Tong once said that the quality of manufacturing in China is not doing well, but not good to do. To solve these two problems, one is to rely on digital network of machines to replace people engaged in repetitive labor, the second is to cultivate professionalism.
How to solve those key parts, the quality of key materials, need to pay great attention. We are now a variety of new aircraft endless, but the aircraft engine is not what we do. Inside the engine is the most critical high temperature leaves, its manufacturing process and material problems, we can not completely solve. So if our key parts can not be resolved, the Chinese manufacturing is difficult to achieve rapid development. Made in China 2025 Keywords: intelligent manufacturing, industrial strong base, high-quality manufacturing, and now intelligent manufacturing all places are very important, but the problem on the industrial strong base is more deserted.
What do we mean by industrial strong base? The first is the basic parts, the second is the basic material, the third is the basic process. There is a technical basis: such as standards. There are some technical platform and so on. Now we have to emphasize the strengthening of industrial base, that is, in the industrial base in this respect we owe too much. Made in China should be made from big to strong, to become a quality manufacturing, rather than a poor manufacturing. In my opinion, the Chinese manufacturing can not be achieved in 2025 into the power of the column, the most critical is the industrial base of the problem, which requires the attention of our entrepreneurs, the whole society attention. I appeal to the entrepreneurs here, I hope you are concerned about the industrial strong base, hope that the news media friends here, you focus on the development of industrial strong base. Only this part of the real solution, the Chinese manufacturing only hope.
If we have high quality parts, high quality materials, and then use intelligent manufacturing such means, we will be able to produce the world's best-selling quality products.